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Back11/2/23, 11:46 AM

Set the feeling before you go

tl;dr: mindset is a buzzword, set the feeling, choose your perspective, have fun

Hey, a valuable hack I've learned from ShaanVP in @myfirstmilpod is what I call "setting the feeling before you go." It's a straightforward concept.

Instead of being a passenger in the tasks and meetings you run during the day, be the driver. It's a bit more than being a driver; it's more like being the author or writer.

Before any meeting or task, you have the ability to choose how you want to feel. For example, I give demos of zCloud to potential customers daily.

Here are a couple of possible approaches:

A) I could approach it as a boring meeting, one of many similar ones where I present our platform.

B) I could approach it with excitement, ready to showcase the platform we've built with technical excellence that positively impacts our customers' operations and profitability.

The feeling in option A would be "boring tech guy," while in option B, it would be "having fun and showing off."

Both approaches result in the same meeting content, but in option B, I'm energized to deliver it in a way that makes the person on the other side feel how confident I am that our platform will transform their company for the better.

I've even extended this hack to set the feeling for my entire day. Some days I set it for productivity, some for fun, and others for embracing my inner nerd.

The main takeaway is that even seemingly mundane tasks can be made more interesting by changing your perspective. If something is genuinely boring, consider making a change, delegating it, or exploring alternative approaches.

You have the power to choose positive feelings and not be just a passenger of your own life.