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Technocalypse Now: Extreme Hypotheses for Developers

Are you prepared for most unexpected situations in the developing world?

I recently read a blog post called Extreme brainstorming questions to trigger new, better ideas written by Jason Cohen. In summary, the text shows several extreme scenarios that can affect a business model and invites the reader to think about what to do in each of them. I have discussed this with friends and it was a good conversation and generated a lot of insights in my head.

So, I decided to write something similar but focused on the developer industry. I hope the following text can provoke some good ideas for you too.


You’re probably used to your developer routine: coding, solving bugs, reading docs, committing and pushing, looking for good job opportunities, etc. But, today I’m going to take you on a different journey that will make you use your brain to think outside the code box. Please take the time to read this calmly. Read it once, breathe, take a note, discuss it with a friend, and read it again.

The following sections will focus on describing extreme hypothetical scenarios in the developer world and will provoke you to think about what would be your position in each of them, and of course, whether you are prepared for them.

Let’s start.

Decentralized codebase

Imagine a scenario where all version control platforms, like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket have disappeared. Forget about all the cloud integrations and automated CI/CD pipelines, just focus on the impact of this scenario on your career and the open-source community.

How would you show your contributions, projects, and acknowledgments to the tech community? What approaches will you take to ensure your work is recognized and appreciated?

The question is not only “Where to save my code?”, but “How can my projects and contributions be found?” or “How can I contribute to other interesting projects together with other people?”

Alternative Visibility Strategies

Suppose LinkedIn and other job networking platforms ceased to exist. In what way do you will make yourself visible to employers and tech companies, ensuring they recognize your skills, experiences, and contributions? How will you find new job opportunities or potential clients for your projects?

Other questions to keep in mind are: Does widespread competition among developers continue? Who will take the advantage in this extreme scenario? Are you part of the group that will easily adapt to this situation?

That would be a time when you will need to improve your marketing skills and learn how to promote yourself more efficiently, and obviously, use the power of social media algorithms to your advantage. By the way, have you ever exposed yourself on another platform? In which places can you and your content be found?

Innovative Self-Presentation

Wonder a world where traditional resumes and Curriculum Vitae (CV) were banned. Combined with this, it is now AI's responsibility to describe your skills based on your activity in the tech community, such as commits, blog posts, videos, PRs, opened issues, etc.

How would you present your professional background, experiences, skills, and accomplishments to potential employers and clients, ensuring they understand your value and capabilities?

Where will you show your difference to the world? How can you prove your knowledge and skills? And finally, how convince potential clients or recruiters that you are the best choice they can make?

Offline Problem-Solving

Consider the scenario where online forums like Stack Overflow are inaccessible. How would you handle technical challenges, troubleshoot issues, and resolve bugs without the resources and knowledge of online communities?

Another way to think about this lack of help situation is: Does my product (app, website, package, etc) provide great documentation? Are there sections focused on troubleshooting and answering common questions from my customers?

Adapting to Language Restrictions

Think about a situation where the programming language you're most proficient in (or more familiar with) was banned from the industry. How would you quickly adapt your skill set to alternative languages or technologies and remain a competitive and valuable developer?

Are you ready to let go of your pet language? Have you ever understood that programming languages, packages, and frameworks are just tools? Do you know any mechanic who has a favorite hammer and hates screwdrivers?

It’s time to see how good and prepared your toolbox is.

Overflow of Job Opportunities

In a market flooded with developer job opportunities, each offering competitive salaries and attractive perks, how would you strategically choose the right career path and employer to maximize your professional growth and fulfillment?

In this situation, you need to take care of the Analysis Paralysis. How will you filter the best companies? Do you already know how to do this today?

Stay calm, it’s essential to rationalize all the trade-offs presented at each opportunity. Are benefits really benefits? Who will work with? What are people saying about this company?

Maximize fun

Ignore money and responsibilities. You have infinite money and no more meetings to join. What will be the funniest and most enjoyable thing you will develop? What do you want to do? It can be anything, testing a new framework, creating our programming language, or a new game. Just follow your dreams.

Do you prefer to create something to have fun alone, with friends, or with the world? Think outside the IDE, there are many activities to do outside your room, open a presential code club, promote a programming event, start writing a book, or just simple blog posts, etc.


The scenario is the same as described above, but the question is different. What would you do to make the world a better place? What people will you help? What problems you will solve? Remember, now you have all the money and all the time.

Well, don't feel pressured. You don’t need to literally save the world, just take time to think about the difficulties you or other people face, whether small or large. Can I automate something? Are there some activities that can I delegate to the code?

And finally, how my skills and experience as a developer can help others in general?

AI Domination

This is not a dystopic scenario, is real life. AI is evolving more and more and we have no idea where we are going. The future is now.

Okay, stop with this apocalyptic tone. Do you know what AI is and how it works? How much do you understand the limits of AI?

What would make a company choose you over an AI? Are you more valuable than a GPT tool? Can a machine completely replace you?

The AI age has begun. Will you survive?