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Back7/19/23, 5:58 PM

#1 zCloud News: New IP in US-1 Cluster, Containers tab, Notifications and more

Hey, Filipe here.

I'm sending this email to let you know about a few things.

New IP in US-1 Cluster

We have a new IP in the US-1 Cluster, make sure you expect connections from it: ""

Also subscribe to our status page and learn more about IPs in our docs

Containers tab

Now you can see individually containers during deploys, check the containers tab in your app env.



You can also get notifications from the activities happening in your app envs in Slack or by Email.

Also it's possible to customize by app env or just in general in the account.


Make sure you read our support page including our Premium Support :)

BTW, please send an email saying Hi to these emails: filipe@zcloud.ws,rafael@zcloud.ws,edimar@zcloud.ws,support@zcloud.ws (just copy/paste) so your email provider can understand that you want to be contacted by us.

In many cases people are not getting our emails, even when they send requests support from our web app so it is important to make sure you are able to give a hint to your email provider about our domain!

That is it for today. We are adding a bunch of new things daily and we'll keep informing you here and in our docs.

Have any questions? Please reach out: filipe@zcloud.ws