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#11 Image Reuse | VMs changes in US-3 | Affiliates

Hi, how is the new year treating you?

I hope it's going well for you.

VMs changes in US-3

Our last week was intense due to some performance issues in US-3, but I have great news for you:

We've improved our setup, better balanced our VMs, and added new monitors and alerts. Everything should run much better this week. I know it's too soon to celebrate, but we're excited - and closely monitoring.

Please read all the details on our Status Page, especially in the Completed section. We've explained everything there, but if you have additional questions, please get in touch with our support.

Image Reuse

We're excited to introduce this feature as it'll benefit many clients.

Best of all, it's already working for all accounts automatically.

If you power multiple apps with the same code, you should read more about this feature.


Do you have friends in tech? Are they suffering from DevOps shortage or lack of support? If you recommend us to them, we can give you a commission.

Check out our affiliates page for more info.

We're keen on sharing our growth with our loyal clients, so this is your chance to earn some extra money by recommending zCloud. 😉

Enjoy your week! I hope it'll be fun.