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Back3/5/24, 12:59 PM

#12 DB Backups (suggested action), Buildpacks and Bun

Hello, we have some updates!

Database Backups

Previously, you couldn't access your database backups in our UI. Now, they're available in the new 'Backups' tab 🎉

There, you can learn how to decrypt your backup, retrieve your secret (if you're an admin), and download your most recent backups.

Suggested Action: Download your latest backup, restore it, and verify everything's in order. It's crucial to ensure backups are flawless. Please take a few minutes to check your backup status.

For more information, visit our docs.


Now, you can run apps based on Buildpacks, alongside Docker. Buildpacks provide a flexible alternative for defining your Dockerfiles.

We'd love to hear if you're interested in using Buildpacks for a project. We're currently creating content around Buildpacks.

Check out this for more info on Buildpacks.


Are you following us on Twitter and YouTube?

If not, please do, as we're about to share much content on tech and zCloud.

First up, is a comparison between Bun and Node.js. We recommend trying Bun if you're running simple Node.js apps.

See the test results or watch the video. The video showcases our Grafana dashboard and all recorded metrics, including HTTP requests.

That's all for now!

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any content ideas related to zCloud!