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Back3/13/24, 11:30 PM

#13 New Notifications Available | Do you have a Native mobile app?

Hey, this is a quick newsletter piece to inform you about an update in our notifications and status labels.

  • Canceled has been renamed to Build canceled. This status will now exclusively indicate canceled builds, not deployments.
  • Deploy failed has been updated to Deploy failed to start. This status can occur at the start of deployment but is rare; it generally indicates issues in our API's internal communication.
  • We've added a new status, Deploy failed to complete. This status arises when we can't switch all containers even after multiple attempts over 30 minutes.

Reminder: you can set up your notifications by account (top-level Manage menu > Notifications) or app environment.

Finally, if you've developed Native mobile apps, please contact me at filipe@zcloud.ws. I promise it will be worthwhile.

Have a great weekend (too soon?). Bye!