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#2 zCloud News: Product Hunt (up vote please) | Case Studies | Payment Method (Stripe) | Templates

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Hi, Filipe here again we have some big news.

Product Hunt

We are live on Product Hunt today, if you like our product please give it a up vote here.

Case Studies

We are launching a new page with short Case Studies of our clients, there are impressive cases there, you should check it out, for example, a client is saving 10x and running 3x faster after migrating to us, crazy, right?

Check it out zcloud.ws/case-studies

Payment Method (Stripe)

Our integration with Stripe is live, check your Plans & Billing page and then go to Billing > Add payment method.

If you have any problems please email us support@zcloud.ws

This is a brand new feature and we have clients around the World so problems with specific cards are expected, your help providing feedback is appreciated.


We have a new section in our "New App" page showing 6 templates (more to come):

  • Next.js
  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • Spring Boot (Java)
  • Meteor.js
  • Vite + React

You can deploy templates in 3 clicks and download/see the code. So it's a nice way for us to teach different ways to use zCloud.

And don't forget to up vote zCloud in Product Hunt, see you.

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