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#3 Download Logs | Changes History | MontiAPM Partnership

Hey, we are busy improving zCloud for you daily and here are some highlights.

Changes History

You can now see all the configurations on each version of your app environment.

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Download Logs

You can download logs to a file. The content will be as simple as presented in our UI. Amazing, right?

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MontiAPM Partnership - for Meteor Apps

We've closed a partnership with MontiAPM where you can activate 10% discount on their services for 6 Months.

Check how to activate here in the APM section.

To wrap up, follow our Status Page. We post updates there very often.

(Old) Features highlight:

  • #0: Do you know your containers tab links to a panel with metrics?
  • #1: Do you know the containers tab also shows how often a specific container restarted?
  • #2: Do you know you can filter logs by container?

That is it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us support@zcloud.ws

Filipe Névola