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#6 Observability is here

table listing requests by path, status code and much more

Hi, how are you doing?

We finally released a feature that was requested by many of you:

A table inside the Ingress dashboard shows all the requests grouped by host, path, and status code.

Take a look:


As you can see, we don't stop at the status code; we also show:

  • Quantity (count)
  • Response time (avg, max, and min)
  • Request size avg

[scroll to the right when accessing your Ingress dashboard, there is a horizontal scroll in this table]

For a good understanding of all the requests coming to your apps in zCloud now, you don't need any (expensive) external tools like DataDog or NewRelic. Of course, to dive deeply into a specific technology to see full stack traces from your code, you need these APMs as you will need an agent running with your code.

For the network layer itself, we got you covered. You are welcome.

Maybe you are thinking: "How do I access this dashboard?"

Go to your Containers tab inside any app env or database env, then you will see this link:


This link goes to your App Envs dashboard, but you can go back to your Home inside Grafana and click in the Ingress dashboard there.

We will probably have better ways to access these other dashboards soon. Our designer will come up with a solution for multiple dashboard links soon.

If dashboards are new to you, please explore them. We have specific dashboards for Databases as well. If you want to enable them in your account, contact support@zcloud.ws

If you are having a great experience with zCloud and want to help us by recording a video chat with Filipe, please schedule here with the description "Video Recording".