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Back11/21/23, 8:11 PM

#7 [Action Required] New CNAME for Ingress - update your app envs

Hi, Filipe here.

We're delighted to announce a new method for linking your custom domain to our ingress.

Now, every application environment will have its own unique ingress domain.

This improvement provides a substantial benefit. With unique ingresses for each application environment, we can enhance the user experience for features such as "Move Region".

Even if moving regions isn't in your plans, it is crucial to update your CNAME, as our region-specific ingresses are not intended for your use any longer.


We kindly request all clients to update their ingress by the end of November.

Impact of Changes

This modification will not result in any immediate breaking changes. If you do not update, there will be no adverse effects on your application environment for the moment.

However, in the long run, we will be making decisions assuming that all users have migrated. As a result, your application domain redirect could potentially run into problems.

Next Steps

We advise you to visit the hosts tab inside each application environment you possess and copy your new CNAME domain.

Next, navigate to your DNS manager and replace the old CNAME domain with the new one.

Below is a screenshot for your reference:


You don't need to change anything in zCloud web app. The only change is in your DNS manager.

If you require clarification or have any questions, please reach out to support@zcloud.ws.

We also have docs about our ingress if you want to read more.

Have a wonderful week.