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Back11/25/23, 1:06 PM

#8 Backup policy | Recovery testing | Security notes

Hello, it's Filipe once again.

I would like to bring your attention to a few crucial topics in this email.


As you may have read in our documentation, we retain database backups for 7 days at no extra cost and up to 30 GB.

If that doesn't adequately meet your business requirements, you can reach out to our support team to discuss one of two options:

  • Configure your S3 account to receive the backups;
  • Expand your limits by paying for additional services;

So, ensure our default policy is sufficient for your needs, or feel free to contact us.

Recovery Test

We frequently conduct tests on our backup process. However, as you understand your database better than we do, and considering we do not store your backups without encryption, we suggest that you coordinate with our support team to schedule a recovery test.

While this is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to avoid any unforeseen issues when you need to recover your database during an emergency.

Security Notes

At zCloud, we prioritize security. This is why we always store your secrets in an encrypted format, including the tokens we generate for you to utilize in our CLI.

Therefore, even if our database were to be compromised, your secrets would remain encrypted and protected.

Ensure all the services you use employ a similar protective measure to prevent issues with other services you might use.

Furthermore, it is critical that only those who require access to secrets and environment tokens be assigned as administrators of your account. We offer a role titled technical which empowers developers to undertake essential tasks without granting them access to destructive actions and secrets.

That's all for today. Remember to schedule your database recovery test, review your members' roles, and consider our backup retention policy.

Have a fantastic weekend!